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If you would like any information about the breed please feel free to contact us.

The Rottweiler (pronounced Rott-vile-er not Rockwiller) is a Good natured, not nervous, aggressive or vicious.

It has a natural guarding instinct that comes from guarding the Roman Legions and droving the herds of cattle that accompanied the army.


Many of the dogs were left in the old German City of Rottweil in Wurtenberg, Western Germany after Roman occupation, the Roman army dogs came into contact with dogs native of the area and the natural result was an interbreeding of the breeds of  the area making the breed we now call The Rottweiler.


The principle duties of these Dogs now known as Rottweiers was guarding and driving of large herds, the defense of their masters and the masters property and cattle, often carry the master's money in a purse around his neck


With the coming of the railways in the 19th century, cattle herding was forbidden by law, and the Rottweiler was then with out an occupation. Then became used as a draught dog by butchers, the butchers bred this type of dog solely for their working ability as an outstanding guarding and drover dog, as well as a cart dog due to the lack of horses, donkeys etc that was taken by the Roman Legions, With the passage of time the result was a compact and powerful form, permitting great strength that was known as

The Butchers dog "Metzgerhund".


After time the Rottweiler population declined sharply until in 1905 there was only one, a bitch, to be found in Rottweil. However, the salvation of the breed came in 1910 when it was recognized as one of the breeds used for police work the others were Airedale, German Shepherd and Dobermann (Dodermanns were bred by crossing a Rottweiler with a German Pinscher and gets its name from the Tax collector that first breed them Louis Dobbermann).


In 1912 one police dog gained much publicity for the breed by assisting to arrest fourteen drunken sailors in a Kiel pub. Admiral Prince Henry of Prussia, the brother of Emperor William 11, who sent for the policeman and dog to congratulate them, was unable to shake the hand of the officer until he had removed his helmet and sat down, thus signifying to the dog that his master was now off duty.


The Rottweiler today is a noble, loyal and intelligent dog that has a natural Guarding instinct and makes a loving family pet


 Unfortunately some time due to bad breeding manly back street breeders or lack of  basic training that all breeds of dogs need, these noble dogs are stuck in gardens not socialized with other animals, dogs, people and children or passed from pillar to post with no understanding or compassion, brought instead of a burglar alarm or just miss treated sometimes beaten,

Problems and Tragedies Occur.

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April 2007 docking of tails was outlawed, all dogs bred in the UK since then most have there Full Tails  Remaining

Welcome to

Dromnagus Rottweilers

 Temperament First and Foremost

All breeds of dogs and owners need some form of basic training

There are some bad dogs out there

 There are not bad breeds


There are bad owners. 


Blame the Deed not the Breed

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See  pictures of Jayne and Connor's interview at CRUFTS 2008 that was on the BBC

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Our dogs are not a business or a source of income !!


Our passion and are part of our family  


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